Learners will find Flashcards on the app Home tab, as well as within courses. Flashcards are ideal for building on knowledge or reinforcing key information.

To help you get started, we offer a ready-made Flashcard which you can use as it is or edit to add your own content for a personal touch.

Flashcards are unique to a specific course, so you’ll need to create a course first. If you don’t see an option to add Flashcards, get in touch with us at ‘support@edume.com’ (though please note that Flashcards are only available for app users).


Getting started

  • Go to the Learning tab in your admin panel

  • + Add a course or View course

  • Select the Flashcards tab

  • If it’s your first time creating a Flashcard, click Create card or choose No thanks if you’d like to create your own

Using the ready-made Flashcard

  • Click on the sample Flashcard and select Edit (the pen tool) in the top right-hand corner

  • Select either Edit flashcard or Delete flashcard (once deleted, it can’t be restored)

  • If editing, you can delete the template image and add your own image/video, as well as editing the title and main text

  • Make sure to Save changes, and you’re done!

Flashcards will be immediately available to learners once your course is published, so only click Create card when you’re ready to share

Creating new Flashcards

  • Click the ‘+’ to the left of the existing flashcard

  • You can click Example under the first two cards if you’d like some ideas!

  • Select Blank

  • Click Next

  • Add image or video

    • Image (600 x 300 px recommended) 2 x 1 ratio & less than 2MB

    • Upload a video (less than 25MB) 480p or 540p resolution

    • Embed a video link (YouTube URL)

  • TITLE FOR YOUR CARD (OPTIONAL) click in the box and start typing

  • MAIN TEXT click in the box and start typing. You can use formatting and add hyperlinks in this box, click on more tips for formatting rules

  • Create card

Please note for video Flashcards we recommend short 30s-1m clips at low quality for the best learner experience.

Accepted image file types; jpeg, png, gif

Accepted video file types; MP4, mov