AI content assistant

Write better content faster with eduMe AI’s Content Assistant.

Content creation can be slow, and spending time trying to find the right words is a delay that no time-short content creator needs.  Our AI content assistant makes intelligent suggestions to improve and edit your content to speed up creation while retaining quality.

Anywhere you see the purple sparkles, click to open your new writing toolbox and find the right words instantly.

With this tool, admins will be able to edit their copy using the following actions:

  1. Reword (Say the same thing, but differently)
  2. Change the tone (Casual, motivating, fun, formal – one click brings your copy inline with the tone you want to set)
  3. Make shorter (Say it in fewer words)
  4. Elaborate (Say more)
  5. Simplify (Use less complicated language)
  6. Add emojis