Assigning an eduMe Course to Speakap Users

Use the eduMe-Speakap integration to deliver training seamlessly in the flow of work.


  • You have admin permissions in your organization’s Speakap and eduMe accounts.
  • You’ve created and published a course in eduMe.
  • You’ve created conditional groups in Speakap and assigned users to the required groups.


  1. In your eduMe account, navigate to the course that you’d like to assign to your learners on Speakap.
  2. Go to the Delivery tab > Assign to teams
  3. Choose the teams that you want to assign the course to, in the Speakap tab. These are the teams available in your Speakap organization.
  4. Select Update assigned users.

You’ve now assigned a course to your learners using the integration between eduMe and Speakap.