Content Collections

Easily organise and categorise your course content to improve your workflow

What are Collections?

Collections are a new way for admins to organise content in the admin panel, on a group level, for easier management of courses and improved collaboration

  1. Log into your admin account and click on the learning tab
  2. Navigate to the Collections section in the left side navigation bar and click on Create a new collection
    Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 12.08.07
  3. Create your collection by entering a name and click on Create collection
  4. Once created, you can start adding courses, and rename or delete the collection
  5. You can also add a course directly to a collection from within the course editor screen 

Use cases

  1. Create a collection of courses that need immediate action from other members of your team
  2. Create theme-based collections that make it easy to find all training on certain topics
  3. Group together content based on time of year