Tips for Quiz Writing

• Connect to the key information in the lesson

You don't have to include every aspect of your topic in the quiz, you can also use a text bubble as a recap to reinforce the key information.


• Don’t use trick questions or answers!

This isn't helpful to anyone! You want to create a positive experience for users and have scores that are a true reflection.


• Provide feedback

Feedback is great for both building on a correct answer and giving more information to why an answer is incorrect. It’s not needed for every answer (!) and for the best user experience we recommend you use up to 2x per question.


• Write answers that are similar in length

Having one really long answer tends to indicate it's correct, if this is unavoidable then have a mix such as 2 long answers and 2 short answers.


• Try to keep answers short 

With microlearning the aim is to keep answers short and concise so they are easy to digest, just like your lessons! If answers are long, see if you can simplify them or build some of the answers into the question itself.


• Don’t give too many or too few options for answers (3-5 is ideal)

If you are going above 6 answers think about breaking the question into two. 


• Avoid distractors that are obviously wrong

This can actually devalue the questions, you don't want it to be difficult but it shouldn't be too easy either!


• Avoid using 'all of the above' 

This often creates confusion and technically other answers are correct. If there isn’t a clear incorrect answer try using a positive and negative such as increase and decrease. In multiple choice quizzes you can have all answers correct although try to avoid this if possible.


If you need any help writing your quizzes, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We will be happy to help!