Creating Courses from Premade eduMe Resources (BETA)

Use premade resources to quickly deliver courses to your learners.

The sample courses are built by our in-house learning experts and are available for you to copy into your own library to use as they are, or edit them as needed. These courses are available to all groups within the eduMe company account. Our sample courses help you deliver training quickly and also serve as inspiration when you build courses from scratch.

We currently offer sample courses for admins and learners. Learner resources cover topics such as health & safety, leadership, and soft skills. Admin resources provide guidance on using eduMe and offer tips on creating effective learning content, to help you maximize the potential of your courses. These courses can be used to train new admins.

Note: Admin resources are not intended to be shared with learners.


To deliver a course using eduMe resources:

  1. Navigate to Learning > eduMe Resources.
    Note: The courses are marked with Learner resource and Admin resource labels so you can easily identify the content you require.
  2. Find a course that matches your requirements and select Copy to my drafts.
    Note: You can preview a course using the play icon before choosing to copy to your drafts. 
  3. In the popup that appears, choose Go to course. The course is now available in your drafts to optionally make any edits.
  4. Once you’ve made the required edits, go to the Delivery tab > Assign to teams in the specific course.
  5. Choose the teams you’d like to assign the course to.

You’ve now delivered a course to your workforce using eduMe resources.