Creating SAML SSO links from Workday to eduMe

Let your users access their eduMe content seamlessly from Workday

What you can use them for

SAML SSO links are a great way to provide eduMe's learning to your users, right within the Workday product. This means that your users don't have another password to remember, and they can seamlessly access all the great content that you've provided for them.

Depending on your setup, you can either choose to have a single link that everyone uses (great if you just want to direct users to all of their learning), a variety of links to specific pieces of content, or a range of links so that each different group of users in your company goes to the straight to right place for them.

How to set them up

You'll need to create an SSO link in Workday for each different dashboard, piece of content or knowledge hub that you want to direct your users to. To do this you need to:

  1.  Go to Workday and open the Create SAML SSO link task
  2. Give it a descriptive name and description so that you and others can identify it when it's used elsewhere in Workday.
  3. (optional) Choose a Condition Rule to control which of your users have access to this link.
  4. Fill in the following settings:
    • SAML version → 2.0
    • Assertion consumer service URL →
    • Name identifier → Workday Identifier
    • Use unspecified name ID format → True (checked)
    • Recipient →
    • Signature method → SHA256
    • Message signing → Assertion only
    • x509 Private Key Pair → Choose an existing key or create a new one
  5. (optional) Fill in the deeplink field to specify a piece of eduMe content to link to. If you don't complete this, your learners will be directed to a dashboard containing all of the courses that they've been assigned. eduMe deeplinks use the following formats:
      Content type Format Example
      Dashboard containing all the user's courses group:{group ID}
      Course course:{course ID}
      Lesson lesson:{lesson ID}
      Guide guide:{guide ID}
      Knowledge Hub knowledgeHub:{knowledge hub ID}
    1. Click OK to save your new link.

    Share details with the eduMe team

    If this is the first SAML SSO link that you're setting up from Workday to eduMe, you'll need to share some technical data with the eduMe team so that we can set things up on your account. To do this:

    1. Run the Generate Workday SAML Metadata report
    2. Copy the output
    3. Share this with your contact on the eduMe team (see note below).

    Please note: As this is sensitive information, we recommend using a secure method to do this – chat to your eduMe Customer Success Manager for more details.

    Where to use SSO links

    You can use these links anywhere that you'd otherwise provide SSO links for your users in Workday, but we'd recommend any of the following as great places to ensure your learners don't miss out on their learning:

    • On a Spotlight card within Workday Learning
    • As an external link in the Workday Learning menu
    • On a custom dashboard of external links
    • In announcements on the Workday Home screen
    • As a shortcut in the main Workday menu