How to Customize the Course Completion Screen

Learn how to customize text and add a button link to the course completion screen slide

The customization of a course completion screen allows you to customize the text. You can edit the title, subtitle, text, and button text of the screen as well as add a button link to take learners to another window. 


If this course is assigned to a Fountain Team, please do not make any edits to the course completion screen.

How to customize the Course Completion Screen

  1. Click Course Completion Screen within the Activities section of your course
  2. Edit the title and the button text to whatever you'd like
    1. Optional sections: Subtitle and Text
  3. Choose whether the button takes learners to the dashboard or a custom link
    1. If you would like learners to go to a custom link, toggle the "use a custom link" option
      1. Enter the URL 
      2. Choose whether you'd like a secondary link back to the dashboard to appear

The course will not be ready to publish unless all the required fields are filled out in the course completion screen and it shows that it is ready to be published.

For Beekeeper courses, you will need to manually add in the following deep link to each course completion screen in the button link section:   beekeeper://deep-link/home

This will ensure that your learners are redirected to the Beekeeper app once they complete their course in eduMe.