Integrating BambooHR with eduMe

The BambooHR and eduMe integration allows you to link training records directly into the eduMe platform. The course completion data is sent to BambooHR and updated in your user’s record. User profiles are linked using eduMe’s seamless links function.


To integrate BambooHR and eduMe:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Company Settings > 3rd Party Integrations > BambooHR.

  2. Use the Status toggle to switch on the integration.

  3. Enter the following information:

    Field name Input
    Company domain You can find this in your BambooHR URL.

    For example, if your BambooHR URL is, your company domain is edume123.
    API key Your BambooHR API key. For details on how to get this, refer to BambooHR documentation.
  4. Select Save integration settings.
    bamboohr integration