Learn how to utilize messages in the admin panel.

Please note: messages are available for app users only.

Go to Messages on the admin panel.

What's Covered

Adding Copy

Adding Media

Sending Your Message

Editing and Deleting

Adding Copy

  • Click in the box that says Type your message

  • Add a short title, i.e. tip of the day (optional)

  • Write your message in the main body. We recommend keeping messages short and concise, a few lines are enough!

  • When in the main body of text you’ll see more tips in the bottom right-hand corner, click on this to access formatting tips - ideal for highlighting key information and adding hyperlinks

Adding Media

  • Click Add image or video and select from the drop-down

  • Add images (600 x 300px recommended) 2 x 1 ratio & less than 2MB

  • Upload a video (less than 25MB) 480p or 540p resolution

  • Embed a video link (youtube URL)

Please note for Message videos we recommend short 30s-1m clips at low quality for the best learner experience.

Accepted images file types; jpeg, png, gif

Accepted video file types; MP4, mov


Sending Your Message

  • Pin to top (optional) this is for important messages you want to appear first on the app Home tab

  • SEND TO: Select the team(s). You can either select individual teams to send the messages to or ‘SEND TO THE WHOLE GROUP

To send your message you can either;

  • Schedule

  • Select the DATE TO SEND: and choose the date from the calendar, you can also amend the time

  • EXPIRY DATE: (optional) if it’s a time-sensitive message select a date from the calendar, you can also amend the time

  • Click Schedule your message

  • Please note once a message is scheduled it’ll be hidden on the admin panel until it’s sent

  • OR Send now to instantly send your message

If you’d like to test out your message first create a ‘Review’ team and send the message to this team first, you can then sign in to the app to test the message before sending it to your learners.

You will have to recreate the message but it’s a great way to ensure your images, videos and/or hyperlinks render correctly. If you experience slow loading time we recommend you reduce the size of your image or video.

Editing and Deleting

  • Select the team you’ve sent the message to from the Messages for [team] dropdown

  • Click the Edit button on the bottom right-hand corner of the message

  • Select Edit or Delete (once you delete a message you can’t restore it!)

  • If editing you can make changes to the title, main body of text, or video/image. For scheduled messages, you can also edit the send date and expiry date (if set). Then click Save changes or Cancel

If for any reason you can’t see your sent or scheduled messages please try refreshing the page.

Please note you should avoid editing or deleting sent messages as these may already have been read by users.