Setting up OAuth sign in with Workday

One less password to remember – let your learners use their Workday account details to sign in to eduMe

It's now possible to use eduMe's SSO links with Workday's OAuth, which allows learners to use their Workday username and password details to sign into eduMe.

This creates a simple flow, where a learner can access eduMe or a link to some content that you've shared, enter their Workday login details and gain access to the relevant content. Not only is this simple and familiar for learners, but you'll see increased engagement with content as fewer learners forget their sign in details for yet another service.

How to set it up

You'll need to create an API client in Workday so that eduMe knows that a user is signed in properly. To do this you need to:

  1.  Go to Workday and open the Register API Client task
  2. Create a new API client with the following settings:
    • Client grant type → Authorization Code Grant
    • Access token type → Bearer
    • Redirection URI →
    • Scope → Staffing
  3. Copy the Client IDClient SecretWorkday Rest API EndpointToken Endpoint and Authorization Endpoint details.
  4. Use a secure method to send these details to eduMe so that we can get things set up on our side. Speak to your Customer Success Manager for more details about services we'd recommend to do this.
  5. The eduMe team will set things up for the appropriate group(s) in your account and let you know when you're all set.

What a learner sees

If they go directly to, they will see the usual sign in screen.


Once they've entered their email address, we'll recognise that they should sign in with their Workday account, so will let them know and allow them to continue to Workday.


If they're not already signed into Workday, they'll see the Workday sign in screen.


Once they've signed in with their Workday account details, they'll be redirected back to eduMe and have access to their content.