Supported Content Types in Guides

Review the content types you can use while creating Guides.

Available steps Description

Capture and add videos, import from gallery, or import from stock image providers.

Note: You can choose to toggle the sound on or off in video content.

Image Click and add pictures, import from gallery, or import from stock image providers.
Canvas Add content with more flexibility
Question You can choose to add:
  • Simple multiple choice question
  • True/False question
  • Media question


The following elements can be added to the steps to enable better story telling and interactivity:

  • Text elements
  • Drawings (Can be used to highlight specific areas in an image or video)
  • Emojis
  • Polls (great for quick feedback collection, results can be shown or hidden)
  • External links (for referencing long/unsupported outside materials, opens links in separate browser window)
  • Reactions can also optionally be added to each guide to gauge end-user satisfaction with. the content.

Note: Images and videos are optimized for size ensuring a good mobile experience, while keeping data needs low.