Course Title Screen Customisation

Adding or removing a course title screen from an eduMe course can now be found in the course settings. This allows to move through the course without a title screen. Take a look at how to toggle the activity title slides “ON” or “OFF”


  • This feature is only relevant for courses in the slideshow format.
  • Multi-language courses are not currently supported by this feature.

How to:

  • Head to the desired course in your eduMe admin panel

  • Click the settings icon in the upper righthand corner

  • To disable intro slides for the whole course, toggle “OFF” in the “Activity Title Slides” section

  • To keep the intro slides, toggle “ON” in the “Activity Title Slides” section

  • Note: The default setting for activity title slides is toggled “ON”

If the activity title slides is OFF, the course will start without an introduction slide and will head straight into the lesson.


Q: Are title screens able to be toggled on/off with Multi-Language Support courses?

A: Yes, If a MLS course has the title slide toggled off then the dropdown to allow the user to swap between languages is now on the first slide of the lesson. Also to note MLS courses are not editable so you can't toggle the title slide on/off once it is MLS.

MLS courses are not editable so the title slide cannot be toggled on/off once a course is in MLS. This decision needs to be made before it is updated as an MLS course.