Using eduMe assessments in Fountain

Create a scored assessment using the eduMe assessments feature to test your learners’ knowledge.

Setting a minimum score

If you need to make sure your learners have reached a certain level of understanding before progressing, you can set a minimum score. This can either be set in eduMe or Fountain depending on your preferred outcome:


Outcome 1: Allow learners to retake the assessment until they reach the minimum score.

This is set in eduMe.


  1. In your eduMe admin panel, head to the course you’d like to edit and open the assessment.
  2. Select the final slide (Results slide).
  3. Toggle the ‘Has minimum score’ option on. You can set a minimum score between 0 to 100 and include your own pass or fail message.
  4. Select Done to save.
  5. In Fountain, make sure the Partner status is set to Completed.


Outcome 2: Exclude learners who don’t reach the minimum score from your selection criteria.

This is set in Fountain.


  1. In your eduMe admin panel, create a separate course with a standalone assessment.
  2. Ensure that a minimum score is not set in eduMe.
  3. Add your assessment as a new Partner stage in your Fountain flow after the initial eduMe course.
  4. Set rules for your assessment Partner stage to create minimum score behavior. For example you can set:

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Need help setting up your integration? Your eduMe and Fountain customer success managers are on hand to help, or get in touch with our support teams at or