In-Course Surveys

In-course surveys provide a great way to gather instant feedback from your learners and find out what they think about their course.

When creating In-course Surveys you must first Add a Course.


How to add an In-course Survey

  1. Click the Add new activity button (or if this is the first activity in the course, click the Create an activity button)

  2. Select Survey

  3. Give your survey a title (your learners won’t see this, it’s just for your reference)

  4. You can choose from a Like/dislike and Multiple choice survey

    • Like/dislike - a simple thumbs up/thumbs down format

    • Multiple choice - select from 2, 3 or 4 response options

  5. Add your question. If creating a Multiple choice survey, select how many response options to include and write your answers beneath each option

  6. Select whether you’d like to include a free text follow-up question. If Yes, please provide your follow-up question. If No, simply select No and then Finish

Previewing & Deleting In-course Surveys

  • Please note: once a survey is finished it cannot be edited

  • You can preview in-course surveys by clicking View survey

  • To delete an in-course survey, click on the three dots at the top right of the activity and click Delete survey


Q. Where can I view the results of in-course surveys?

A. In-course survey results can be viewed along with other course completion data in the Reports tab of the admin panel.