Adding a Course

A course can be made up of one or multiple activities and typically focuses on one main topic e.g. pre-boarding, onboarding, a process, a product or feature related course, or sales/customer care soft skills.

What's Covered

Adding an Activity

Adding a Lesson

Adding an Assessment

Adding an In-Course Survey

Publishing your course

Editing and Deleting

Your activities sit within a course so you need to create a course before adding activities.

  • + Add a course on the top right

  • Type a course title, add a course image (optional) and select the course colour and icon 

  • Click Create course

Adding an Activity 

  • If this is the first activity in the course click the Create an activity button

  • Select Lesson, Assessment or Survey

  • To add additional activities, click the white box that states "add new activity" with the + sign


Adding a Lesson

  • If this is the first lesson click the Create a lesson button

  • Choose you Lesson Type Slideshow or Conversational

  • Click Next or Back to reselect your Lesson Type

  • To add additional lessons click the grey box with the + sign

 Note: when you choose a Lesson Type this is fixed for the whole course and cannot be changed unless you delete all lessons in the course.


Take a look at how to add a Lesson through the articles below;

Adding a Conversational Lesson

Adding a Slideshow Lesson

Adding an Assessment

Take a look at how to add an Assessment in the article below.


Adding an In-course Survey

Take a look at how to add an in-course Survey in the article below.

In-course Surveys

Publishing your course

Once all the activities or slides in a lesson are ready you’ll see a green circle under the lesson(s) from the course view page. 

Once your lessons are ready the Publish course button on the top right-hand side will turn green and you’ll be able to make your course live. 

Editing and Deleting

When you are on the course view page, you can delete the whole course by the setting on the top right. Once you have deleted a course, lesson, or even a slide/activity there is no way to undo this, they will be deleted forever, so be careful! 

Within the course view page go to the Setting icon on the top right. From here you can;

  • Course certificate, Turn on or Turn off 

  • Delete this course? Click Delete, and then select DELETE COURSE or No, don’t delete

To make changes to the course go back to the main Learning tab and click Edit on the right hand side. From here you can;

  • Make a copy

  • Copy to another group

  • Edit course details

    • Course title

    • Course icon

    • Course colour

    • Click Save changes or Cancel

To make changes to the course click View Course to access the course view page.