Create Learning Pathways for Different Topics

Encourage a culture of continuous learning with curated learning pathways.

What is it?

Similar to drip campaigns, learning pathways also encourage ongoing adoption of training, but in a less structured way. This use case is more open-ended, offering a wide range of different functions which can help you foster a strong learning culture within your organization.

In essence, learning pathways allow you to leverage completion events and other data to suggest additional training.

What does this mean for you?

eduMe customers can set up a custom flow in a partner app to ensure that learners who complete lessons are always suggested extra content, encouraging them to keep upskilling and driving further engagement. Think of how Netflix immediately recommends what to watch next after you finish a TV series, or how your favorite news site suggests three related stories at the end of an article.

Learning pathways can be leveraged not only to increase ongoing engagement with training, but also to tailor suggested content according to worker behavior. This results in a more personalized experience, and more efficient operations.

What partner apps can you use?

  • Braze
  • Iterable

Refer to the Related Links section for more details.

What to do next?

You can create a campaign (in a partner app) that sends emails as soon as a course is completed to move the learner into other courses for professional development.

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