Tips for Finding and Editing Images

Where possible, try to use branded, relevant images, rather than generic stock images or clipart. If possible ask your Marketing department if you can use images from your company website, sales catalogs, etc.

Having a bank of images available when you’re creating content creation is really helpful - even if you don’t have the ideal image you can always add a relevant image as a placeholder and update later on.

Remember, when adding images within EduMe content you will also always have access to the Image Library. You can insert previously uploaded images from your ‘Group library’ or if you don’t have your own bank of images available you can use the ‘EduMe library’. Our Image Cropper will help you to ensure that the right area of each image is selected, with the technical requirements in mind.

Stock Image Resources

When ‘official’ images are not available internally, you can access stock images via a number of websites, including the following: 

Editing Software

Free online tools and software:

Built-in software you can use to edit your images:

  • Paint (Windows)

  • Preview (Mac) 

  • iMovie (Mac)

Paid software:

*Please see technical requirements for images and video.