Creating Personalized Seamless Links

You can create seamless links customized to each learner or team.

We provide the base link that you can add an ID to, creating a unique link for a specific learner or team. We also provide a link signature which helps you generate a signature to add to the end of the link for security.


  • You’ve chosen the right seamless base link depending on the content type. For more details, refer to the Requirements for Seamless Links topic in the Related Links section.
  • You have a signing secret in eduMe. For more details, refer to the Signing Secrets topic in the Related Links section.
  • You have a list of unique user identifiers.


  1. Navigate to the Learning tab and select the course, module, or survey you're generating a link for. If you’re generating a link for a lesson or knowledge hub, use the link format in the Requirements for Seamless Link topic to generate the seamless link.
  2. Select the Delivery tab and ensure the course or survey has been assigned to the relevant teams.
  3. Select the Copy link button and select the required link.
    Creating seamless link
    Note: If you’re generating a link for a lesson, use the List Courses API to retrieve the lesson ID.
  4. Add the unique identification for the learner or team as the respective query parameter. Note: If you’d like to assign to multiple teams, use comma separated team ID values. Example: g=1,3,5&
  5. To generate a signature, create a hash using the shared secret and the URL. Use HMAC-SHA256 algorithm to create the hash value.

    Node.js code snippet

    import crypto from 'crypto';

    const generateSignature = (url, secret) => {

    return crypto

    .createHmac('sha256', secret)





    const signature = generateSignature(url, SHARED_SECRET);

    // signature = SIGNATURE_SAMPLE_RESULT
  6. Add the signature as a sig query parameter.


You’ve now created a personalised seamless link with signature.. You can store and share the link as per your business requirements.

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