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How to add reminders to your deliveries

Ensuring your team completes necessary training is crucial for maintaining and improving their skills.

To help manage this, you can set up scheduled deliveries for training sessions. These deliveries can act as reminders for users who haven't completed the course, ensuring they're prompted to finish their training. Here's how to set up these reminders effectively:

1. Set up your first scheduled delivery for the training

Begin by scheduling your first delivery. This is your initial step in notifying learners about the training they need to complete.

  • Select "Set up delivery" for the course, guide or Knowledge Hubs you're focusing on.
  • Select "Notify learners".
  • Select the teams you intend to notify about the training. Ensure you also pick a preferred delivery method that suits your team's preferences. 
  • At the scheduling step of the slideout, opt for "Schedule for later". This allows you to choose a specific date and time for when the delivery should occur. For instance, you might set it for the 1st of May at 11:00.

2. View scheduled delivery

After setting up your first delivery, you'll see a confirmation screen.

  • Click on "View scheduled delivery" to see the details of the delivery you've just set up, as well as any others.
  • This area lets you review your scheduled deliveries as needed.

3. Schedule multiple deliveries as reminders

To reinforce the importance of completing the training, we recommend setting up multiple deliveries to the same learner teams with different time periods.

We only send notifications to learners who haven't completed training yet. This approach serves as recurring reminders for those who haven't finished the content.

  • Click "Set up delivery" once more and select "Notify learners".
  • Choose the same teams as before to ensure consistency in your reminders.
  • Schedule the message to be sent a few days after the first delivery. We suggest setting up 2-3 additional deliveries, with either 3 or 7 days between each, to maintain regular reminders without overwhelming the learners.

Example Schedule:

  • Scheduled Delivery 1: 1st of May, 11:00
  • Scheduled Delivery 2: 8th of May, 11:00
  • Scheduled Delivery 3: 15th of May, 11:00

By following this schedule, you create a structured reminder system that encourages learners to complete their training on time. 

4. Check your scheduled deliveries

  • Click "Set up delivery" in the Delivery area once more and select "View scheduled deliveries". You will see the details of all the deliveries you've just set up.