Self Sign Up (SSU) for Web Users

SSU links are just one of the ways you can share learning content with your workforce in the eduMe platform

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What is a self sign up link?

How do I generate a SSU link?

What is a self sign up link?

A self sign up (SSU) link directs your learners to a course landing page where they can sign up to access eduMe content with their preferred email or phone number. Existing users can access this link too; once they enter their registered email or phone number, they'll be taken to a login page before being directed to their course.

SSU links can be shared via your preferred communication channel(s) and allow users to register their own details. This means admins don't have to spend time uploading users themselves.

With an SSU link, you'll also have a customisable landing page where you can welcome learners to your course. Take a look at our article on customisations and branding to find out more.

How do I generate a SSU link?

SSU links require you to have Teams set up first. Read our article on setting up Teams if you're not sure how to get started

In eduMe, SSU links are created on a course-team level. This means that any user who accesses the link will automatically be enrolled in a specific team with access to a specific course.

To generate a SSU link:

  1. Head to the Learning tab and select the course you'd like to generate a link for
  2. Click on the Delivery tab and click the Copy link button for the Team you'd like to generate a link for
  3. Select Self sign up link to copy the link

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