Remind Learners to Complete their Lessons

Utilize eduMe's built-in functionality and webhooks to automatically remind users who haven’t completed certain courses.

What is it?

Once a training course built in eduMe is distributed to your workers, you can utilize built-in functionality and eduMe Webhooks to automatically send reminder emails to users who haven’t completed their lessons. These emails contain a seamless link which takes users directly to the course they need to complete, without the need to login.

What does it mean for you?

Reminder emails can also be used to nudge your existing workforce about mandatory training requirements, and notify them of new content that hasn’t yet been completed.

This feature is key to increasing the completion of your training and ensuring that workers are getting the information they need to find success on your platform. It also plays an important role in retention, preventing new starters from dropping off at the first hurdle and ensuring that your investments into hiring and onboarding don’t go to waste.

What partner apps can you use?

  • Braze
  • Iterable

Refer to the Related Links section for more details.

What to do next?

Configure checks within a campaign (in a partner app) to verify if an eduMe course is completed in a specific time frame. If the learner hasn’t completed the course, follow up with reminder emails. If the learner has completed the course, you can move them to the next stage of the campaign.

You can create a comprehensive workflow by setting delays, splits, or conditional logic in the partner app.

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