Share Content Regularly Using Drip Campaigns

Send relevant eduMe content to learners over a period of time.

What is it?

Designed to encourage continuous learning, drip campaigns allow you to regularly send content to learners over an extended period of time, i.e. “drip-feeding” relevant content to your workforce. You can do this by setting up email flows which can be personalized to your specific campaign needs.

What does this mean for you?

As an example, you could create a 12-week campaign which delivers one email every three weeks, each including courses that lead on from the previous email. In the event that learners don’t open your emails in the desired order, you can prevent them from proceeding to the next step until the previous course has been completed and set up automated reminders to ensure the campaign is adhered to.

These campaigns help to maximize the effectiveness of your training programs and ensure ongoing usage, ultimately increasing the return on your investment.

What partner apps can you use?

  • Braze
  • Iterable

Refer to the Related Links section for more details.

What to do next?

You can create a campaign (in a partner app) that sends 4 emails out over the course of 12 weeks, 1 email every 3 weeks.

  • Each of those emails could include courses (provided through connected content/data feeds) that lead on from the previous course and need the context of the previous course to add the maximum value.
  • You can then utilize the course completion events to send reminders to encourage learners to complete their previous course before moving to the next step. You can also choose to stop a learner from proceeding to the next step until the previous step has been completed.

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