Use A/B Testing to Collect ROI Metrics

You can set up an integration with partner apps that provides greater visibility of how your training initiatives are performing, allowing you to connect data feeds and prove ROI.

What is it?

You can measure the true impact of training by creating an A/B test, i.e. building a campaign which splits learners into two (or multiple) distinct groups: one which is to be delivered eduMe courses, and the other standard messaging content. They can then compare the two campaign routes to see which is more engaging for learners.

What does that mean for you?

ROI is notoriously difficult to capture, but enabling A/B testing means that you can clearly prove the value of your training initiative.

For example, if you’re transitioning from a desk-based LMS to seamless mobile onboarding you’ll be able to clearly document the increase in engagement and learner retention, and include this data when reporting on the progress of your initiative to upper management.

Having access to better reporting on your training delivery also allows you to improve and iterate on your strategy over time, optimizing workflows to ensure that you’re meeting your workforce exactly where and when they need extra support.

What partner apps can you use?

  • Braze
  • Iterable

Refer to the Related Links section for more details.

What to do next?

Campaign creators can build a campaign that splits learners into two distinct groups (or they could split them into multiple groups to test the effectiveness of different courses, this is referred to as multivariate testing) one of which could consume eduMe courses and one of which could consume standard messaging content.

The completion of the campaign routes can then be compared in a partner app’s reporting to see which is more engaging.

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