Creating Guides

Learn how to create Guides and deliver visual, bite-sized content to your workforce.


You have the eduMe Content Builder iOS app downloaded on your device.

Note: We support Guides creation only for iOS at the moment.


  1. To choose the group you want to create content in, select the Guides dropdown at the top of your page. The Profile & Groups tab opens.
    Guides group
  2. Select the group you’d like to create the Guide in.
  3. You can add video, image, canvas, or question steps in your Guide.
    1. You can choose to create the Guide by capturing images or videos live on your camera. To do this, select the + icon to open the camera and capture images or videos. This works in a similar way to the camera feature on smartphones.
    2. The image or video is added as a step as soon as you capture it. If you’d like to preview the image or video, tap the edit icon.
      edit icon
    3. Alternatively, you can upload pre-existing media to create Guides. For details on the media types supported, refer to the Supported Content Types in Guides topic.
    4. If you’d like to add text, images, and other elements in a flexible format, you can use the canvas slide.
    5. To test the learners’ knowledge, you can add questions in the Guide.
  4. After you’ve created all the slides, select the edit icon at the bottom right of your screen to preview. You can edit, reorder, and delete the steps as needed.
    edit icon
  5. When you’re happy with the content, select Next.
  6. In the next screen, add the Guide title and a cover image.
  7. You can choose to switch on the Enable Reactions toggle.
  8. Select Save Now. In the web view, the Guide is uploaded to your Drafts section. In the phone view, the Guide is uploaded to the Library section.
    Note: If you exit without saving, the Guide will be available in your phone app and can be accessed in the Drafts tab of the app.

You’ve now created a new Guide in the group of your choice.

Note: Published Guides must be unpublished before you can edit them.