Generating Seamless Links with Connect Endpoint

Use the connect endpoint to generate seamless links for all content types in a few minutes. This method reduces dependency on your developers to create and maintain seamless links.


  • You're an eduMe customer with a company admin account
  • You have at least one course and one team created in your eduMe account.
  • You've assigned the course to a team
  • You have an eduMe API key. For more details, refer to the How to access your eduMe API Key  topic.
  • You have the necessary parameters you require for the API call you'd like to use. For more details, refer to the Seamless Links API documentation.


  1. Select the required endpoint based on the seamless link you’d like to generate.
  2. Using your preferred method for calling public APIs, enter URL for the endpoint related to the link you want to generate:
    Endpoint URL
    Get A Course Link /public/getCourseLink?courseId={courseId}&teamId={teamId}&externalUserId={externalUserId}
    Get A Module Link /public/getModuleLink?moduleId={moduleId}&teamId=teamId={teamId}&externalUserId={externalUserId}
    Get A Lesson Link /public/getLessonLink?lessonId={lessonId}&teamId={teamId}&externalUserId={externalUserId}
    Get A Knowledge Hub Link /public/getKnowledgeHubLink?knowledgeHubId={knowledgeHubId}&teamIds={teamId}&externalUserId={externalUserId}
    Get A Survey Link /public/getSurveyLink?surveyId={surveyId}&groupId={groupId}&externalUserId={externalUserId}
  3. Add the header x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY, where YOUR_API_KEY is your eduMe API key.
  4. Add required IDs as parameters
  5. Decide on whether you should use user identifiers or external user ID and add one method as a parameter.
    For example, use the parameter externalUserID if you want to use the external user ID method.

The API call returns the required seamless link that takes you directly to the specified content.

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